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Uniform Shop and Canteen

School Uniform Carine Senior High School Uniform

Wearing the school uniform plays an important part in establishing a positive community identity and contributes to the creation of an appropriate work ethic. Acceptance of enrolment at Carine Senior High School assumes an agreement between the parent/guardian and the enrolling student that the student will dress in accordance with the school’s uniform policy at all times. Every student is expected to comply with the School Uniform Policy in the same way that they are expected to comply with the rules relating to classroom behaviour, absences and so on.

The school uniform has been developed in consultation with the School Board and other members of the school community, including parents, students and school representatives.

Uniform Shop Opening Times 

Perm-A-Pleat is now operating from the distribution centre at 455 Victoria Road, Malaga.

2022 Normal operating hours for walk-ins is as follows. 

Thursdays 1.00pm to 5.30pm
Fridays 1.00pm to 5.30pm
Saturdays 9.00am to 12.00pm

If you are unable to attend within these hours, are a new enrolment or urgently need a uniform, please contact Head Office on (08) 6465 1111. 

For regular fitting enquiries, please phone the uniform shop during the above opening hours on (08) 6465 1123. 

Online orders and order new winter uniform

To make orders online click HERE .

 Carine Senior High School Uniform Bomber Jacket Carine Senior High School Uniform Shorts and Polo Shirt

To order the new winter uniform, click HERE. 

The images below are our new winter uniform items.  We did have a pre-order process which closed in February, however if you wish to order additional winter items please complete the form using the link above and email the form to malaga.retail@permapleat.com.au. Alternatively, the uniform shop has samples available for sizing.  Payment is not required on these items until delivery which is estimated for May/June of 2022. Delivery times will be updated through the Carine Connect page.


The site is a 15-minute drive from our Carine High School campus and located conveniently around the corner from our current Booklist provider Campion (see map below).

Carine Senior High School Uniform Price List 2022


Since 2019, the school canteen has been under new management!

Students have the choice of lining up to select their food during recess and lunch or skipping the queues by pre-ordering using Quickcliq from home or before school at the canteen. With a student population of 2300, online ordering is definitely the best process.

Go to Quickcliq to register and credit student SmartRiders with money specifically for canteen purchases (please note this is separate to fare funds). Students can also pay with cash.