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Gifted and Talented Selective Academic Program

Gifted and Talented at Carine Senior High School

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Tuesday 20 June 2023 3.30pm – 4.30pm

About the Program

Commencing in 2020, Carine Senior High School is now one of sixteen Western Australian public secondary schools offering an approved Selective Academic Program. The 2024 intake will be for Year 7 students and they will join our Year 8, 9 and 10 classes for 2024.

The academically focused learning environment is intellectually challenging and designed to motivate students to extend their knowledge, understanding and application, and to enhance their learning skills in preparation for Senior School and for a lifetime of personal progress. While the course content will follow the WA Curriculum in Science, English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, students will benefit from being exposed to a differentiated curriculum designed to stimulate and develop the individual’s skills in inquiry, analytical and critical thinking, communication and creativity. Students in the Gifted and Talented Program in Years 7 to 10 will continue to cover all other areas of the WA Curriculum, including Heath and PE, French, The Visual and Performing (Music, Dance, and/or Drama) Arts and Technologies (Design and Digital).

Students offered a place in this program will have scored highly in the competitive Academic Selective Entrance Test (ASET) administered by the Department of Education.

WA country students who are accepted into our Gifted and Talented Program may be eligible to apply to board at the Department of Education’s City Beach Residential College.

For samples of Academic Selective Entrance Tests please go to the Department of Education.


Program Entry and Selection

For specific dates please refer to the Department of Education website:


In October, the Principal Consultants from the Department of Education Gifted and Talented Selected Unit provide a general information evening about the Selective Academic Program to Parents of Year 5 students. Carine SHS hosts one of these information evenings each year.

Online registration for Year 6 Entry Test occurs between November and January each year. Students sit a 3-hour multi-choice and written test, Carine SHS will be one of the venues to host this test. All selections are made centrally by the Department of Education Gifted and Talented Selection Unit, the school has no role in the selection of students for the Gifted and Talented (G and T) Program.

If students are not successful in the Year 7 intake, there is a provision for students to gain entry to the G and T Program to commence in the Year 9 intake if vacancies occur. G and T Program students will join mainstream classes in Years 11 and 12 but remain supported by various programs and initiatives.


Gifted and Talented teachers have been selected through an expression of interest process, with a panel comprised of the Principal, Associate Principals Academic Performance and the relevant HOLAs.

Raya Sara, Associate Principal Lower School, Line Management of G and T Program
Nat Dowd, Gifted and Talented Program Coordinator