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COVID-19 Information

If your child is COVID positive or a close contact, please SMS our absentee line with this information and the last date of isolation. If you are unsure of this date, positive cases are 7 x 24 hour blocks from the time of testing. Close contacts are 7 x 24 hour blocks from the time of exposure.  

Carine Absentee line: 0437 284 421 or




Current mask advice



Parents and students will need to access Connect for learning programs and existing resources. The programs are usually separated into week blocks that may have textbook pages, web based resources, videos or additional resources. Students may also use Education Perfect, or the teacher may assign these resources.

Students can also access additional learning resources on the Department of Education website. These are general resources and may supplement learning programs. These links can be accessed here: https://www.education.wa.edu.au/learning-from-home

If you need to contact your Teacher, please only do this if required after accessing Connect. If there is a project based assessment that the student can work on at home, the Teacher may provide resources if requested and appropriate.