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The Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment or OLNA is requirement to be completed successfully in order to achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education.

By the end of Year 12, students must demonstrate that they meet the minimum numeracy and literacy standards.

More information on OLNA can be found here.


What is OLNA?

The Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) is a program run by School Curriculum Standards Authority (SCSA). Each year, in March and September students sit an online assessment in reading, writing and/or numeracy, if they have not yet qualified in that area. Once they have demonstrated the required level they do not need to sit that component again.

How many chances does my child have to demonstrate the required standard in OLNA?

The tests are conducted twice a year in March and September. It is compulsory for students to sit the test in Year 10 and the first round of Year 11 if they are not yet qualified. Students have six opportunities to meet the requirement through the March and September rounds in Years 10, 11 and 12.

What is a pass in NAPLAN to achieve OLNA?

There is no such thing as a ‘pass’ in NAPLAN. Students who have achieved a band 8 or higher in the reading, writing or numeracy components of NAPLAN have prequalified in that component and do not need to satisfy numeracy and literacy requirements through OLNA. Band 8 is above the National average so more than half the students in the state will need to sit OLNA in Year 10.

How many students sit OLNA in Year 10?

As the prequalification for OLNA is above the National and state averagemore than 50% of students across WA sit the OLNA in Year 10.

What can I do to support my child through the OLNA?

The most important role for parents is to provide support and encouragement. You certainly can discuss the significance of the assessment but do not overemphasise its importance. SCSA states that “provision of broad and comprehensive teaching and learning is the best preparation” that teachers can provide for students. “Excessive coaching and assessment preparation is inappropriate.”

What does the OLNA assessment look like and where can I get a sample?

Practice assessments are available online.

Address https://assess.scsa.wa.edu.au

Username 1171

Password prac14