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Pre – Service Teachers

Carine SHS has recently become a Pre-Service teacher hub recognising, the commitment made towards pre-service teachers. Follow the below link to find all the Professional learning offerings made available for staff and pre service teachers at Carine SHS.

Carine SHS represents the very best that government schools have to offer and is a proud independent public school as evidenced by winning the WA Secondary School of the Year in 2017, and in 2018, Principal Damian Shuttleworth and Science HOLA Daniel Hugo being named WA Secondary Principal of the Year and WA Premier’s Secondary Teacher of the Year. The school teaching group is made up of a highly effective combination of experienced teacher leaders, early years and graduate teachers. The school has achieved an enviable reputation for creating strong and effective pathways for students through innovative programs and a high level of pastoral care due to our careful recruitment of quality staff.

We are seeking pre-service teachers who are collaborative, effective communicators, passionate and engaging beginner-educators.  We value pre-service teachers who promote an environment of active and positive learning. Carine SHS reciprocates this by providing an effective range of educational opportunities and activities to enable pre-service teachers to achieve their highest potential. 

A Carine SHS pre-service teacher can expect the following:

  1. A comprehensive induction and school tour
  2. Carefully selected, high-quality mentor teacher/s
  3. Professional learning opportunities in areas such as classroom management skills, pedagogy, differentiation in the classroom, responding to the learning needs of students with diagnosed conditions, Literacy and numeracy strategies, Aboriginal Culture and Histories, Sustainability and mental health.
  4. Meaningful feedback about their teaching and their engagement of students.  

In 2021, Carine SHS became a Specialist Pre-Service Teacher Support Hub school. The Specialist Pre-Service Teacher Support Hub model promotes high quality mentoring of pre-service teachers in public schools. This initiative is a system wide strategy that aims to attract, support and retain high performing pre-service teachers in the public school system, with a particular emphasis on curriculum development and pedagogy.

Prospective pre-service teachers will need to work with their university placement supervisor to secure a placement at Carine SHS. The facilitation of the Pre-service Teacher Program at Carine SHS is managed by Associate Principal, James Lorimer.