Learning Centre

The learning centre serves students through a range of programs in the schools including Literacy Support and Numeracy Support for those who require support. There is a range of supports for students with additional needs, please see below. 


Students with Additional Needs

Some students who have special needs fulfil the criteria set by the Department of Education for allocation of additional funding for school-based support (often in the form of Education Assistant time). Support is specifically allocated to students, ranging from Level 1 to Level 3. It is part of the role of the Learning Centre Manager to both apply for the support funding through Disability Resourcing and allocate this funding to provide support according to students’ learning and safety needs. Each special needs student is required to have a Documented Plan and meeting times will be arranged throughout the year to allow all teachers and parents to have input into the plan. Staff will receive some information about the specific disability of the special needs student in their class.

Time is always available to talk to Learning Centre staff further about specific information regarding students. All students with a diagnosis are catered for by the Learning Centre team working collaboratively with teachers, year managers, school psychologists and other support staff. All students with a diagnosis have a documented plan and comprehensive student profile. The student profile is uploaded to our attendance data base which staff can utilise and refer to throughout the day.

A dedicated Therapy Room in E block is available for external therapists to utilise during 1:1 therapy sessions if required. We also offer a Catch-up Session every day except Tuesday from 8.10am to 8.50am in E block. This is staffed by the Learning Centre team for students requiring additional support with homework or class activities. If you would like to know anything further about the Carine Senior High School Learning Centre, please contact the Learning Centre Manager, on 9243 9190.


Education Assistants

Staff in the Learning Centre value effective, collaborative relationships with teachers. We are fortunate at Carine SHS to have a dedicated and committed team of education assistants. Having an education assistant working with teachers in classes provides many opportunities for enhanced support of group work, individual learning and provide appropriate alternative assessment procedures which cater for individual needs. Education assistants will not necessarily sit with a special needs student and work specifically with them, they will assist a range of students in the class. This not only allows the special needs students to develop independence skills, but also allows teachers and education assistants to support all other students who are having difficulties.


Numeracy Support