Year 11 Visual Arts (ATAR)

This course is designed for those students looking to use Visual Art as part of their pathway to university. We explore in depth the richness of Classic, Modern and Post Modern Art in its history, style and methods. We use art making as a means to show our understandings and turn ideas into Studio pieces. Students will use a range of mediums in 2D and 3D art making but also have freedoms and flexibility to make their own choices in creating; Painting, Drawing, Digital, Sculpture, etc. Students will develop their analysis skills and image comparisons abilities. Students with A or B grades in English and/or the Humanities and Social Sciences (particularly History) in Year 10 will be best equipped to meet the academic writing tasks requirements. The art production is time consuming, so it is best if you like spending time making art.


Minimum literacy and numeracy requirements for Year 10. A B grade or higher in Year 10 Fine Art or Visual Art and Design is advantageous.


The Year 11 syllabus is divided into two units, each of one semester duration, which are typically delivered as a pair. The notional time for each unit is 55 class contact hours.

Unit 1 – Differences

The focus of this unit is differences. Students consider differences arising from cultural diversity, place, gender, class and historical period in their art making and interpretation.

Unit 2 – Identities

The focus of this unit is identities. Students explore concepts or issues related to personal, social, cultural or gender identity in their art making and interpretation.


Students undertaking the Year 11 ATAR Visual Art course can progress to the Year 12 ATAR Visual Art course, which will contribute to an ATAR score for University entrance.