Year 11 Physical Education Studies (ATAR)

Physical Education Studies contributes to the development of students’ physical, social and emotional growth. In the Physical Education Studies ATAR course students learn about anatomy, physiology and biomechanical principles. Students will also apply these principles to analyse and improve personal and group performances in physical activities.

Throughout the course, students learn through integrated written, oral and active learning experiences. The course also provides students with opportunities to develop skills that will enable them to pursue personal interests and potential in physical activity as athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and/or volunteers.


Minimum B Grade in Physical Education and a minimum B Grade in Year 10 English; Excellent Interpersonal Skills; Excellent Participation, PE Uniform and Attendance endorsement from the HPE department; Sound level of physical fitness.


The Year 11 syllabus is divided into two units, each of one semester duration, which are typically delivered as a pair. The notional time for each unit is 55 class contact hours.

Unit 1 – Human Movement Studies 

The focus of this unit is to explore the principles of anatomy and biomechanics, the body’s responses to physical activity, and stress management processes, to improve the performance of themselves and others in physical activity.

Unit 2 – Performance Studies

The focus of this unit is to identify the relationship between skill, strategy and the body in order to enhance performance.


Practical (Performance): 30%
Investigation: 15%
Response: 15%
Examination: 40%

More Information:

Students will need to be flexible with timetabling at times due to the activities involved in the course as well as possible field trips/excursions. Please note that the Physical Education Studies course has a 50% theory component and a 50% practical component.