Year 11 Health Studies (ATAR)

In this ATAR course students explore health as an essential quality of life. They examine the impact of social, environmental, economic and biomedical factors on health, as well as identify barriers, which prevent groups from experiencing better health. Students apply inquiry skills to examine and analyse health issues, develop arguments and draw evidence-based conclusions. The course also provides students with opportunities to develop skills that will enable them to pursue careers in all health promotion and health industry related fields. 


Minimum B Grade or exam mark of 65% in Year 10 Health Education and a minimum C Grade in Year 10 English; Excellent Interpersonal Skills


The Year 11 syllabus is divided into two units, each of one semester duration, which are typically delivered as a pair. The notional time for each unit is 55 class contact hours. 

Unit 1 – Individual and Community Health

This unit focuses on the health of individuals and communities. Students learn about health determinants and their impact on health. Health promotion is explored and used as a framework for designing approaches to improve health. Students examine attitudes, beliefs and norms and their impact on decision‐making, and develop a range of key health skills.

Unit 2 – Factors that Influence Community Health

This unit focuses on the impact of factors influencing the health of communities. Students learn about community development and how community participation can improve health outcomes. Students examine the influence of attitudes, beliefs, and norms on community health behaviours and analyse issues influencing the health of communities; and develop appropriate responses. 


Health Inquiry: 20%
Major Health Project (Health Fair): 30%
Short and Extended Responses: 20%
Examination: 30%