Year 11 Drama (General)

Drama is a vibrant and varied art form found in play, storytelling, street theatre, festivals, film, television, interactive games, performance art and theatres. It is one of the oldest art forms and part of our everyday life. Through taking on roles and enacting real and imagined events, performers engage audiences who suspend their disbelief to enter the world of the drama. Through drama, human experience is shared. Drama entertains, informs, communicates and challenges.

In this course, students engage in both Australian and world drama practice. They understand how drama has changed over time and will continue to change according to its cultural context. Through the Drama General course, they can understand the experience of other times, places and cultures in an accessible, meaningful and enjoyable way. They understand the economic factors that affect drama practice and explore the vocational opportunities that drama offers.

Students engage in drama processes, such as improvisation, play building, text interpretation, playwriting and dramaturgy which allow them to create original drama and interpret a range of texts written or devised by others. Their work in this course includes production and design aspects involving sets, costumes, makeup, props, promotional materials, stage management, front-of-house activities, and sound and lighting. Increasingly, students use technologies, such as digital sound and multimedia. They present drama to a range of audiences and work in different performance settings..


There are no prerequisites for this course.


The Year 11 syllabus is divided into two units, each of one semester duration, which are typically delivered as a pair. The notional time for each unit is 55 class contact hours.

Unit 1 – Dramatic Storytelling

This unit engages students with the skills, techniques and conventions of dramatic storytelling.

Unit 2 – Drama Performance Events

This unit focuses on drama performance events for an audience other than their class members.


Students participating in Year 11 General Drama can continue into Year 12 General Drama.