Carine Senior High School uses the Australian Curriculum to provide students with understanding, knowledge and skills through which they can develop a scientific view of the world. Students are challenged to explore science, its concepts, nature and uses through clearly described inquiry processes.

Lower School

Students generally cover eight topics in each year of lower school with each taking approximately 5 weeks. The content of these topics is based on the four Science Understanding sub-strands.

  • Biological sciences: Understanding living things.
  • Chemical sciences: Understanding the composition and behaviour of substances.
  • Earth and Space sciences: Understanding Earth’s dynamic structure and its place in the cosmos.
  • Physical sciences: Understanding the nature of forces and motion, and matter and energy.

During these topics students also cover the relevant elements of the Science as a Human Endeavour strand and the Science Enquiry Skills strand.

Senior School

Carine Senior High School offers the ATAR Courses; Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology, Psychology and Physics. Carine Senior High School also offers the General Courses; Human Biology and Psychology. Specific Course Details (including pre-requisites) are located in the Course Handbooks.

Science Enrichment (Years 7 to 12)

Students are encouraged to develop an interest in Science beyond the curriculum by engaging in activities such as:

  • National Science Competition for Years 8 to 10
  • National Chemistry Competition for Years 11 and 12.
  • RACI Chemistry Titration Competition for Year 12
  • Science and Engineering Summer School for Year 10

Science Academic Extension Program (Years 7 to 10)

In this program normal class work is conducted at an increased pace to allow for enrichment and extension. Students will participate in a range of extension activities which may include presentations, visits, projects and competitions. Students are offered places in this program based upon criteria such as academic performance. Placement in the program is reviewed each semester.

STEAM (Years 7 to 10)

 The Science Learning Area is committed to promoting Carine Senior High School’s STEAM priority by:

  • Collaborating with other Learning Areas to provide a contextualised learning experience addressing real world problems through project and enquiry based learning strategies.
  • Employing pedagogy which promotes, interest, engagement, problem solving, adaptability, teamwork, creativity, independent thinking, critical analysis, initiative and communication.