The staff of the Mathematics Department has a focus on promoting the pursuit of mathematical excellence at a level that is appropriate for individual students.

  • Specific Course Details are located in the Course Handbooks and on Connect.

Lower School classes are streamed to accommodate a range of student ability. With the Australian Curriculum being implemented, the use of streamed classes provides a supportive environment for students to develop mathematically. It also provides for an element of competition, which encourages the pursuit of excellence.

In each Year, 7 to 9, the classes use the same program, with streaming allowing for varying levels of complexity and speed of delivery.  Higher achieving students will cover additional or more challenging content, making the course more academically rigorous.

Students in Year 10 will study either the Pre-Methods, Pre-Applications or Pre-Essentials programs, based upon their achievement in Year 9. As the names suggest, the program in each of the three courses contains preparatory material for the relevant Senior School Mathematics courses.

The Core Program  in Years 7 to 9 supplements the mainstream courses offered for those students in Year 7 through to Year 9 who experience difficulty with areas of Mathematics.

Mathematics Extension classes in Years 7 to 10 operate for selected and invited students in all Lower School years. This provides an opportunity for talented young Mathematicians to develop and extend themselves in a manner not always possible in an ordinary class.

The full range of Senior School subjects is offered, and in most cases there are multiple classes of each subject.

Graphing calculators (Casio Classpad) are used extensively in Senior School ATAR courses. Students in Year 10 students in Pre-Methods and Extension will also make significant use of the calculators.

We have access to computer notebooks and integrate the use of computers into many topics we cover.