“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”
Frank Smith, To Think: In Language, Learning and Education

Welcome to the Languages Department of Carine Senior High School where the dynamic Languages team is highly skilled in the languages they teach and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge of both the language and also the culture of the target language. It is increasingly recognized that foreign language learning helps prepare our students to be global citizens and to build relationships with those in the world around them. To that end we are passionate about the value of foreign languages in enhancing global communication and understandings, in widening horizons, in improving literacy skills and in brain training. Our students are encouraged to be active learners and to achieve their potential in communicating in the language of study.

Language offered: French

We offer one foreign languages, French, which is offered through to Year 12. French is compulsory in Years 7 to 8 (except for those students enrolled in the Extra Literacy Program) and is optional after that.

Why study foreign languages?

In foreign language study students:

  • Develop knowledge, skills and understandings to communicate effectively in French or German
  • Extend their English vocabulary
  • Improve their English literacy and communication skills
  • Gain a higher level of awareness, understanding and tolerance of other cultures
  • Improve their interpersonal skills
  • Strengthen their brain’s ability to learn (“The neural networks in the brain strengthen as a result of language learning.” – Michael Gove)
  • Develop skills through language study which promote effective learning across all subject areas
  • Enhance employment prospects, not just in Australia, but overseas as well

Tours, exchanges and languages examinations

Students have the opportunity to sit for prestigious state foreign languages exams, to participate in tours or to apply for various exchanges or scholarships:

  • Tour to France for Years 10-12
  • Exchange to La Réunion Island (a French speaking island off the African Coast)
  • Sangora scholarship for students continuing their language studies at tertiary level.
  • Alliance Française examinations
  • Deutsch Australischer Sprachverein (DAS) examinations

LOTE (Languages Other Than English) bonus for university entrance

Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and the University of Western Australia apply a LOTE bonus for the purpose of determining a student’s ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank). If students complete Year 12 in French or German, their WACE score (aggregate of their top four subjects) will be boosted by 10% of their final scaled language mark. This is significant because:

  • Students’ ATAR scores will then be calculated on the basis of this enhanced WACE score.
  • This may lift overall results sufficiently to grant admission to a course where students might not otherwise have achieved the cut-off score.
  • This LOTE bonus applies whether or not students choose to continue with foreign language study at tertiary level.
  • Students will receive the bonus irrespective of whether their Language course was counted as one of their best four scores at the end of Year 12.
  • This LOTE bonus is transferrable to most universities interstate.

Years 7-10 French

Throughout Years 7 to 10, students learn their target language utilizing the four skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Apart from essential grammar acquisition, students cover a variety of topics relevant to their age and interests:

  • Personal details
  • Family and pets
  • Friends and describing people
  • School life
  • Sports and leisure
  • Daily routine
  • Food – buying food and eating out
  • Clothes – shopping for clothes and dressing for the occasion
  • Directions – shops, town maps, finding one’s way around
  • Where I live – home, suburb and town
  • Travel – online booking of tickets, online maps and transports systems, making travel arrangements, transport timetables, what to pack and describing travel experiences
  • Hotels – making reservations using online hotel sites and describing accommodation
  • Going to the doctor’s and visiting the pharmacy when travelling
  • TV and cinema
  • Invitations and arranging outings
  • Music
  • Discussing present, past and future experiences

More precise detail is found in the Curriculum Handbook for the relevant year level.

Students are also exposed to the culture of the target language via films, video clips, language earning technologies, research, reading and food tastings. Students learn about the geography, history, land-use, products and lifestyle of France, the other 45 French speaking countries in the world.

Language assistants have been invaluable in sharing contemporary culture and language with the students, and in promoting proficiency in the language through small group conversation and language games.

Year 11 and 12 French

Carine SHS offers the French Second Language ATAR courses in Senior School. Teachers of Year 11 and 12 have sound expertise in the target languages and have a wealth of experience in guiding students and preparing them for their WACE examinations.

The Second Language ATAR courses are designed to further refine students’ ability to communicate in the target language and to deepen understandings of the culture of the target language communities. These language courses attract the LOTE Bonus (see above) for university entrance, so French and German students benefit from an enhanced ATAR score.

NOTE: According to SCSA guidelines, students who are native speakers or who have sufficient background knowledge of and fluency in the language are not permitted to study French: Second Language ATAR in Years 11 and 12.