Anti-bullying Committee

Carine Senior High School is committed to providing a safe, caring and supportive environment for all students, teachers and parents.

Carine SHS is an anti-bullying school and our approach follows the Restorative Practice from the Real Justice organisation to solve issues that may arise on the school grounds. Parents may visit the website for more information.

The Anti-bullying Committee is involved in education to Health Programs such as Friendly Schools Plus resources, Cyber Safety education for students, staff and parents plus implementing strategies across the school to improve awareness and proactive strategies by staff and students.

In 2015 a Student Anti-Bullying Committee was formed from students in the Year 12 cohort. The Student ABC roles include mentoring lower school year groups in the yard at break times, assisting in classes in education against bullying, assisting in special events such as Mega Life Week, mentoring students individually and promoting a safe, caring and supportive environment for all.