here are over 400 qualifications available through TAFE at various levels and in virtually all industry and subject areas. They have been designed to fit together to provide seamless pathways between all levels of study and careers. You can enter at the most appropriate level (where you met entrance requirements and possibly selection criteria) and continue until you reach your desired learning or job outcome. TAFE also aims to allow you to readily move between it and employment, return to study at any time, or enable you to do both at the same time.

TAFE in WA currently offers study options in the following areas:

  • Animal Care, Science and Horticulture
  • Art, Fashion, Design and Media (creative and digital)
  • Building, Construction and Property
  • Business, Finance and Management
  • Community Services, Health, Fitness and Education
  • Computing and Information Technology
  • Electrical, Refrigeration and Electrotechnology
  • Horticulture
  • Metals and Engineering
  • Transport and Aviation
  • Tourism and Languages

There are six levels of awards granted by TAFE and students may enter these with varying levels of schooling dependent on school results.  Click here to find a qualification that you may be interested in studying.


Positions at TAFE is very competitive and some are subject to a ranking process based on school results, work experience and other qualifications.

Entrance Requirements

In order to apply for entrance to TAFE you need to meet the general entrance requirements of the course. These are either a lower level qualification, communication skills and, for some courses math skills. The levels of communication or math skills needed are expressed as basic skills, developed skills, well developed skills and highly developed skills.

School results from years 10 through 12 will be taken into account to determine your level of communication and mathematics skills. Even though the skills categories are labelled “communication and maths” you can demonstrate your skill levels using courses other than English and Maths.

What are Selection Criteria?

Selection criteria are academic and other criteria, which are used to score eligible applicants competing for entry into a course where there are more applications than places available for a course e.g. Enrolled Nursing, Veterinary Nursing, and Pre-Apprenticeship Electro-technology.

Examples could include:

  • work experience
  • industry involvement
  • current and previous employment.

How do you address the Selection Criteria?

If the course you are applying for asks you to address the selection criteria you will need to submit documents to support the following.  You can score points for:  

Qualification pathway (maximum score = 29)

This includes any qualification completed/not completed, as listed in the qualification pathway of the selection criteria.

Work Experience/Employment (maximum score = 29)

This includes any employment or workplace experience that you have had as listed under the work experience and employment sector. Note: you must provide copies of either a reference, pay slip or group certificate/summary. CVs and phone references are not accepted. 

Education/Skills Development (maximum score = 42)

This includes secondary education (current or past), or a portfolio demonstrating skill development. The portfolio may contain qualifications or tests that you completed in the past.

More Details:

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