List A and List B Courses

In order to satisfy the ‘breadth of study’ component of the WACE, Carine Senior High School students must complete at least one pair of Year 12 units from each of List A and List B subjects in Year 12. For this requirement, completion of a pair of units means that the student has received a grade for this pair of units. The breadth-of-study requirement must be fulfilled through the study of ATAR, General or Foundation courses. VET certificates and endorsed programs cannot be used to meet the breadth-of-study requirement.  VET industry specific courses are not identified as belonging to either List A or List B and as such cannot be used to satisfy the List A and List B requirement for the WACE.
The courses available at Carine Senior High School are as follows;

List A (arts/languages/social sciences) List B (mathematics/science/technology)
Career and Enterprise Accounting and Finance
Children, Family and the Community Biological Sciences
Dance Chemistry
Drama Design – Technical Graphics
Economics Food Science and Technology
English Human Biological Science
French (second language) Materials Design and Technology – Textiles
Geography Materials Design and Technology – Wood
German (second language) Mathematics
Health Studies Outdoor Education
Literature Physical Education Studies
Modern History Physics
Music Psychology
Philosophy and Ethics  Automotive Engineering and Technology
Politics and Law  Applied Information Technology
Visual Arts