Homework and Study Commitments

Senior students will need to have developed sound self-managed study routines for completing homework, study and assessment tasks to the best of their ability.  Parents have an important role in supporting and encouraging effective time management strategies. Students are exposed to a variety of learning opportunities on study and assessment techniques through the Elevate program and also within the context of their content learning.    Students in Years 11 and 12 will find that their teachers are keen to assist with their learning activities in and out of the classroom.  Many curriculum areas hold regular tutorial classes outside the normal timetable.

While students need a balanced life, which includes activities, such as part-time work (up to 12 hours per week), sport, special interest areas and social occasions, students also need to commit to a study routine if they are to reach their academic potential.

The recommended time for homework and study considered necessary for adequate learning is:

Year 10 – 7-10 hours per week.

If students are intending to follow an ATAR pathway in Senior School, they should be committing to the higher end of the recommended range for homework.

Year 11-12 – Students on an ATAR pathway need to plan carefully to both study, and complete all assessments tasks on time. Most ATAR courses require about 4 hours each week per subject but this is a guide only.

Students on a General pathway must ensure all set tasks and course requirements are completed according to assessment outlines. Research and background reading are important in this pathway.

Homework does not only consist of the work given to you by the teacher, but includes a self–directed component.

This may be organising your notes, revision, research, exam study, practical study or additional tasks or questions.

You can access the full Carine Senior High School Homework and Study Policy here:

pdf-icon Homework and Study Policy