Entrance Requirements and Selection Criteria

To get into TAFE you need to meet the entrance requirements for your chosen course. For a number of courses, you will also need to address selection criteria.  Courses that require selection criteria to be addressed will clearly indicate this below the entrance requirement information.

What are the entrance requirements?

Entrance requirements are the lowest level of school results you need to be allowed into a full time course at TAFE.  Entrance requirements will be either:

  •  A lower level qualification, for example, to enrol in a Certificate IV in Disability Work you need a Certificate III in Disability Work; or
  • Communication skills and if required maths skills

The level of communication and maths skills required for entry to a course will be measured according to the following scale:


For example, to enter into a Certificate II in Business you could require basic communication skills and basic maths skills.


The above table provides a sample of what will be provided under each course.

In some cases entry to a course may require you to meet communication skills only.  In these cases the table will look like this:


Evidence Guides

The Evidence Guides will tell you what documents you can provide to the TAFE Admissions Centre to show that you meet the required level of communication and maths skills.  The communication and maths skills will be shown as “dots” as in the images shown above.

The Evidence Guides include information about relevant documents such as:

  • School results (both Australian and overseas)
  • Tests (eg STAT, IELTS, TOFEL)
  • Other qualifications (eg From TAFE or university)
  • Bridging and access courses (ie CGEA, NOW, Fast Track).

To see how many dots your evidence gives you, read the Evidence Guides. There are two guides for both parts of the assessment:

Advice on how to use the evidence guides is available here.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria are academic and other criteria, which are used to score eligible applicants competing for entry into a course where there are more applications than places available for a course.

Examples could include:

  • work experience
  • industry involvement
  • current and previous employment.

The essential difference between entry requirements and selection criteria is that entry requirements are used to determine an applicant’s eligibility for entry into a course. Selection criteria are used to determine which eligible applicants will be offered a place in a course.

If the course you are applying for asks you to address the selection criteria you will need to submit more documents.  You can score points for:

Qualification Pathway (maximum score = 29)

This includes any qualification completed/not completed, as listed in the qualification pathway of the selection criteria.

Work Experience/Employment (maximum score = 29)

This includes any employment or workplace experience that you have had as listed below under the work experience and employment sector. Note: you must provide copies of either a reference, pay slip or group certificate/summary. CVs and phone references are not accepted.

Education/Skills Development (maximum score = 42)

This includes secondary education (current or past), or a portfolio demonstrating skill development. The portfolio may contain qualifications or tests that you completed in the past. For more information on how the points are calculated for this section and evidence required check the Evidence Guide or call TAFE Admissions on 9229 5400.

For a brief explanation of selection criteria see the Selection Criteria Guide.

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