Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management

This course is delivered across two years and is aimed at Year 11 and 12 students. The units marked * are also in the Certificate I course. This qualification provides an occupational outcome in conservation and land management. The qualification enables individuals to select an indigenous land management, conservation earthworks, lands, parks and wildlife or natural area management context as a job focus, or a mix of these.

Course Code: AHC21010

Core Units 

AHCOHS201A Participate in OHS processes 10
AHCWRK209A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 20


Elective Units  

AHCNAR201A Carry out natural area restoration works 40
AHCNAR202A Maintain wildlife habitat refuges 30
AHCPGD201A Plant trees and shrubs 30
AHCPMG201 Treat weeds 35
AHCFAU201A Recognise fauna 40
AHCPCM201A Recognise plants 40
AHCSOL201A Determine basic properties of soil and/or growing media 25
AHCMOM203 Operate basic machinery and equipment 30
AHCWRK201 Observe and report on weather 24
AHCWRK204 Work effectively in the industry 40
AHCWRK205 Participate in workplace communications 24
AHCWRK207 Collect and record production data 24
AHCINF202A Install, maintain and repair fencing 30

Total Hours for this Program