Australian Defence Force

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is constituted under the Defence Act 1903, its mission is to defend Australia and its national interests.

 The Recruiting Process


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General Requirements


To join the Australian Defence Force, you must be an Australian citizen. The Australian Government makes this mandatory as it is a demonstration of your commitment to Australia’s future. You must provide the appropriatecitizenship documents: Australian Birth Certificate, Australian Passport or Australian Citizenship Certificate.


You’ll need to pass a fitness test before you can be accepted into the ADF, including several medical tests to ensure you are fit for service. Once you become a member, you’ll need to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle in order to cope with the physical demands of the role.


Due to the physically and mentally demanding nature of ADF service, some age restrictions apply. The minimum age for entry is 17 with parental or guardian consent, however if you’re under 17, you can still begin the application process. The maximum recruitment age varies from job to job. As a general rule, the maximum recruitment age is three to six years below the Compulsory Retiring Age (CRA) and also depends on the Initial Minimum Period of Service for the role.


Almost all Defence Force roles are open to women, with the exception of a few direct combat roles.

Other Pre-requisites

Depending on the job you’re interested in, further restrictions or prerequisites may apply. For example, some intelligence roles have strict security requirements such as ten-year background checks.

Methods of Entry

Officer Entry

Useful Websites for Officer Entry Preparation;
Defence Jobs
Royal Military College
Australian Defence Force Academy
ADF Reserves
Air Force Officers
Maritime Warfare Officers
ADF Operations Link
ADF Pilot Selection Agency –  follow these links “Our People” > “Careers” > “Becoming a Pilot” > “Pilot Selection Agency”

General Entry

Defence Jobs
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RAN Recruit Training School
Army Recruit Training
RAAF No 1 Recruit Training Unit
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ADF Reserves
ADF Operations Link