Learning Centre

Learning Centre Programs 2015/16

Carine Senior High School has a proud history of academic, community, sporting and social excellence. We are proud to maintain a strong and valuable relationship with our community. In keeping with our motto, “Seeking excellence in education”, we aim to provide the very best of education to all of our students, to foster resilience, creativity and life-long learning, and to build caring and effective relationships with students and their families.

Academic Extension Program

Carine SHS has an excellent Academic Extension Program (AEP) in Years 8 to 10 for English, Maths, Science and Humanities and Social Science (HASS) that provides a personalized, differentiated curriculum. Year 7s in 2017 will be offered extension class places in English and Maths. Year 7s in 2017 will be selected after sitting tests given by Carine SHS staff, either at their primary school or at Carine SHS on the day of the general testing session in Semester 2.  Selected students will be sent a letter of offer following this. Movement into and out of classes through Years 7 to 10 is based on the AEP Policy Guidelines, and following detailed consultation with staff and parents. Students may be offered one, two, three or four of the Academic Extension Programs depending on their academic performance in individual subjects.


Year 7 Extra Literacy Program and Focus Skills English

In 2017 there will be two classes of Focus Skills English in Year 7. Student placement in these programs is optional but recommended. Detailed Year 7 transition information from primary schools, NAPLAN and Program Placement Testing is used to identify students requiring additional literacy assistance. Students in the Focus English classes will be placed in one of four Extra Literacy classes instead of a French class. As part of the support offered, Extra Literacy students will receive explicit instruction and to build their reading and writing skills.

Year 8 Extra Literacy Program and Focus English

In 2017 there will be one class of Focus Skills English in Year 8. Student placement in this program is based on a review of Year 7 English results and teacher recommendations. Placement in one of the four Year 8 Extra Literacy classes is automatic for students who were in an Extra Literacy class in Year 7. Extra Literacy classes are timetabled at the same times as French; therefore, students must continue in Extra Literacy unless they are suitable to move into a French class.

Y9 Extra Literacy Program

In 2017 there will be one Year 9 Extra Literacy class. This is an elective subject and placement is voluntary. This course is recommended for any student whose English results and Year 7 NAPLAN results indicate that they may struggle to achieve a Band 8 or higher in the Year 9 NAPLAN.

Year 10 Extra Literacy Program

In 2017 there will be one Year 10 Extra Literacy class that will run in Semester One. This is an elective subject and placement is voluntary. This course is recommended for any student who did not achieve a Band 8 in Reading and Writing in the Year 9 NAPLAN and whose English results indicate that they might struggle to pass the Reading and Writing parts of the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA).

Core Maths and English – Years 7 to 10

Students, in groups of 12-16, can access the Core Skills Maths and Core Skills English Program in Years 7 to 10 for Maths and Years 8 to 10 for English if they require extensive modification to curriculum. Extensive testing is undertaken before and during the program to determine accurate placement, with Individual Education Plans (IEP) outlining specific focus skills for students when required. Some students have specific learning disabilities or difficulties, while others need a shorter term placement to “catch up” and re-enter mainstream classes during the year.

Special Needs Program

Carine Senior High School will have more than twenty Special Needs students in Years 7 to 12 in 2017 in fully integrated settings. It is part of the role of the Learning Centre Manager to plan for students’ learning and safety needs. All special needs students are required to have Individual Education Plans, consultation in Term 1 and 3 will allow all teachers to have input into the plan, and then meetings with parents will occur.