About Teaching & Learning


Carine Senior High School’s whole school priorities to raise student expectations and standards and embrace rigorous academic learning together with improved and explicit communication with parents and students has been supported by the implementation of key school leadership positions.
The school has restructured its leadership profile to focus on these priorities. Two Associate Principals, Lower School and Senior School, with the primary focus on improving academic performance, work with the school community to meet individual student potential and improve overall student results. Supporting these roles are two Academic Performance Managers. The Managers’ role is to provide strategic leadership aimed at monitoring and working more closely with individual students and their families to develop strategies for improvement.


A student’s attitude, behaviour and effort has an important bearing on their own learning as well as the learning of others.

Teachers are required to mark all students on the Department of Education’s attitude, behaviour and effort descriptors used in the formal reporting to parents. The following is a list of clarifying statements to assist with the interpretation of each descriptor. The aim of these statements is to have a consistent interpretation for each descriptor across all learning areas in the school.

  1. Works to the best of their ability.
    The student tries to do their best when completing tasks.
  1. Shows self-respect and care.
    The student works and acts in a safe manner.
  1. Shows courtesy and respect for the rights of others.
    Addresses others in a polite and courteous way and uses appropriate language.
  1. Participates responsibly in social and civic activities.
    Behaves appropriately in class without reminder of acceptable standards.
  1. Cooperates productively and builds positive relationships with others.
    Works cooperatively in class with others in group situations.
  1. Is enthusiastic about learning.
    Comes to class on time with the appropriate equipment and is prepared to learn.
  1. Sets goals and works towards them with perseverance.
    Is organised, manages their workload and time effectively.
  1. Shows confidence in making positive choices and decisions.
    Makes a positive choice/decision after considering the rewards and consequences.

Each student should strive to achieve a ‘consistent’ mark against the 8 attitude, behaviour and effort descriptors on the Semester Reports.

A school based review process is held each year to identify students requiring support to improve their attitude, behaviour and effort at school.