Welcome to the home page of Carine Senior High School. 2016 is a very exciting year for the Carine Senior High School Community as our school continues on its journey of renewal focussed on excellence and consolidates and expands on the significant improvements made since the commencement of our Independent Public School status in 2015. This has been demonstrated in substantial increases in levels of student academic achievement and WACE attainment levels, improved community engagement and vastly upgraded school facilities. Significant positive results during 2015 include:

  • Recognised as a Top 50 ATAR school with a median ATAR of 80
  • Achieving an Attainment rate of 94% up from 69% in 2014 and 6% above the Department of Education average
  • Demonstrating 100% WACE achievement
  • Significant improvement in WACE Tricile performance
  • Recognised as a high performing school in the Stage 3 Visual Arts course and the Stage 2 Mathematics course based on the percentage of students who achieved a WACE course score of 75 or more for each of these courses.
  • Performing more than a standard deviation above expected in Drama and Visual Arts courses
  • Head boy Asher Rasmussen achieving a Certificate of Distinction for Mathematics and an overall ATAR of 99.8
  • Improved regular attendance

Carine Senior High school staff, students and the wider school community welcome you to investigate our school website and encourage visitors to contact the school directly should you have any queries regarding Carine Senior High School.

Damian Shuttleworth