Welcome to the home page of Carine Senior High School. This is a very exciting time in the 42 year history of our school. In 2015 significant positive changes have occurred including:

  • Year 7 students joining our school;
  • Construction of a new million dollar purpose-built building;
  • Investment in the upgrade and improvement of existing school facilities with an emphasis on enhanced student learning environment;
  • Award of Independent Public School (IPS) status in recognition of our school’s effectiveness;
  • School reprofile following IPS to improve school organisation and attainment of Carine Senior High School  priorities with a focus on improving student academic achievement while   maintaining a very strong focus on student behaviour and well-being.
  • Appointment of 28 new staff due to increase in enrolments and school reprofile.
  • Introduction of Connect into the school learning community.

In 2015 Carine Senior High School has commenced a journey of renewal focused on excellence. Staff, students and the wider school community welcome you to investigate our school website and encourage visitors to contact the school directly should you have any queries regarding Carine Senior High School.

The 2014 Carine Senior High School annual report can now be read at schoolsonline.

Damian Shuttleworth


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